Youth Advocacy

Youth today are faced by unemployment, increased migration, economic difficulties, family breakdown and issues of confronting minorities. Exclusion one of the major triggers of Arab Spring and the outbreak violence happing in MENA is because of the absent of youth voice in the political as well as the high rate unemployment in the region. Global Bus is investing in youth advocacy by different projects and educative workshops on citizen’s journalism, climate change campaigns, debate, entrepreneurship skills, and peace and conflict resolution and more. We offer also many volunteering opportunities for young people to develop a perception of community and social responsibility as well as a way for socializing and increasing self-esteem and interpersonal skills. It can help to prevent or overcome prejudices and stereotypes, and allow young people to confidently take on board questions of societal change at local and global.

Youth Summer Camp is a platform for youth to discover Leadership, conflict resolution, peace building, employment skills and communication power, creativity and more

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