Believing in the role of international communication in forging cultural bridges, GB invests in English as a lingua-franca in this increasingly globalised age. English serves as a window for international communication and we see that a good teaching of English, particularly in the incorporating of intercultural competence in ESL classroom. GB along with its experts in the field of TEFL works toward empowering educators with all the necessary skills and tools to foster an excellent EFL teaching classroom respecting international norms as well as offering in-depth professional development sessions and workshops to meet global sustainable goals one of them is to communicate. We make sure that intercultural competence is incorporated in TEFL curriculums to develop a generation of students able to tolerate and go beyond stereotyping and labializing with an excellent sense of cultural relativism.

Lhoussine QASSARASS (a Global Bus leader) leading a workshop on employee engagement to Morocco ALC staff at TEFL Tangier conference 2018

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