GB is much interested in disseminating a culture of peace to youth & children through creative and funny way. Finding alternatives to resolve conflict is our best method to teach peace. We have excellent educators with strong background in peace education. Global Bus has already developed a toolkit for teaching peace to young learners. Through peace education we try to promote the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to bring about behavior changes that will enable children, youth and adults first to avoid labeling and stereotyping then developing the mechanism to prevent conflict and violence, both overt and GB also fosters peace, tolerance and inter-cultural dialogue values through other projects which are based on human rights, intercultural dialogue, youth participation and democratic citizenship. We also provided youth civil society activists in conflict-affected communities with the necessary tools and mechanism to transform conflict and to resolve conflict peacefully; and to create the conditions conducive to peace, whether at an intrapersonal, interpersonal, intergroup, national or international level

Global bus Foundation led serieis of workshops on peace and non violence with partnership with minsitery of education Sale Direcory at a number of hight schools in Sale city. This iinitiative is to implement GBF YES PEACE PROJECT

Global bus Foundation led TOT on peace building to civil society leaders in Meknes city

Within the context of peer to peer learning Global bus foudation conducted TOT for new trainers on conflict resolution & peace building led by GB training specialist. Those trainers facilatated a workshop to their peers on conflict resolution and active listening at ALC Rabat. it was a successful workshop and our trainers put their facilitation skills knowledge into real practice

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