Students Got Talent Contest:

Incited by the belief that Moroccan public schools are full of talents and creative people, GB initiated Student Got Talent Context to provoke creative work. Global Bus sees that school is a place to navigate creative and talented young people. 
GB bus goes beyond the local narrative that high school students are violent and drug users to a new discourse displaying the whole picture of high school students as creative and full of positive energies and able bring change to their local communities. Students got talent contest is platform where one aspect of youth voices can be highly heard.
Devise a platform for youth to share their creativity is the essential stage to foster youth among youth. Peace is the fruit of the creative human process and the hallmark that identify human being and inspires establishment of a society in which everyone is viewed as unique, imbued with dignity, and with equal access to the process and product of human creativity, innovation and compassion.
Through Students Got Talent, Global Bus tries to enshrine peace values as well as creating a platform for talented youth to flourish and anchor abstract ideas into material form while inspiring their peers to make positive change.

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