Empowering youth

with 21st century skills

GB is an NGO dedicated to empowering youth with 21st century skills to have a
meaningful participation in their communities while contributing to dissimilate a culture of peace
globally. Global Bus is a bus for all humanity led by a great team of young people with strong history
in youth advocacy, social inclusion, innovation, and journalism, human rights and peace and
leadership education. GB creates and supports a flexible, safe environment for young people to
experience life without being afraid of making mistakes.
with an excellent understanding of youth empowerment theory and grass root organizations
dynamic, GB work includes youth organizations and communities with a new concept that generates
collaboration and meaningful partnership for more quality assurance for envisioning, developing,
implementing, and evaluating reproductive health programs for youth to meet sustainability
development dimensions.

GB sees that transformative learning is one of the effective methodologies able to implement youth
empowerment theory to ensure a platform for youth to make their voice heard. GB is working
toward its goals and mission through participatory method with stakeholders and a number of
bodies sharing the same vision

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